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? ennead architects LLP


Together with the Milwaukee Public Museum, Ennead Architects and Kahler Slater today unveiled the design for the new 200,000 square foot museum building, set on a 2.4 acre site in the burgeoning Haymarket neighborhood of Milwaukee. Four core principles influenced the design – community, nature, education, and the preservation of the museum’s vast collections. The new building is slated to break ground in late 2023 and open in 2026.

美國威斯康辛州密爾沃基公共博物館于近日公布了由ennead建筑設計事務所與當地設計院Kahler Slater聯席完成的建筑設計方案。新的密爾沃基公共博物館坐落于約2.4公頃的蓬勃發展的密爾沃基干草市場社區(Haymarket Neighborhood),建筑面積200,000平方英尺。建筑設計緊繞博物館的四大重要發展原則,即,社區、自然、教育和藏品保護。密爾沃基公共博物館預計于2023年下半年破土動工,2026年正式對外開放。



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? ennead architects LLP


The team of Ennead Architects (Design Architect) and Kahler Slater (Architect-of-Record) developed a design that reflects Wisconsin’s rich natural history, while creating a welcoming new community anchor and an indispensable educational destination for lifelong learners of all ages and backgrounds. The museum will also be a hub for research, continuing the institution’s legacy since 1884 of scientific contribution that makes an impact across the state, and around the world.

密爾沃基公共博物館建筑設計由ennead建筑設計事務所任主創單位,Kahler Slater建筑設計事務所任當地設計院??傮w設計方案在展現威斯康辛州豐富的自然歷史的同時,為干草社區創造一個嶄新門戶性標識,也為各個年齡層的訪客和學者們提供了一個必不可少的、滿足終身學習需求的里程碑式空間。密爾沃基公共博物館致力成為研究和學習的樞紐,繼承并延續自1884年以來機構在科研方面的貢獻與使命,旨在為美國國內、甚至世界范圍內的科研工作提供積極正面的幫助和影響。


“Thanks to the creativity and hard work of our team at Ennead and Kahler Slater, the new museum building will be an iconic, one-of-a-kind monument to Wisconsin and its people,” said Katie Sanders, MPM Chief Planning Officer. “Different from most creative processes, this design was developed as a result of input from thousands of people from both far corners of Wisconsin and right here in the Haymarket neighborhood, paired with inspiration drawn from a tour of the entire state.”

“ennead與Kahler Slater富有創造力和拼搏精神的高效設計團隊將新博物館以一種標志性的、獨一無二的形式呈現給了威斯康辛州與她的居民們,”密爾沃基公共博物館規劃負責人,凱蒂·桑德斯(Katie Sanders)表示,“與傳統設計模式不同,密爾沃基公共博物館的建筑設計集合了包括威斯康辛州最偏遠地區居民的意見,以及數以千計的、由附近干草社區居民提供的靈感,可以說,這是整個威斯康辛州智慧與創造力的結晶?!?/p>




ennead設計合伙人托德·謝里曼(Todd Schliemann)


“Our team has been so proud to work on this project, which is steeped in the people and place where it will be located – a testament to the strong vision and identity of the people of Milwaukee, the unique cultures throughout Wisconsin, and the natural landscapes in which they live. Like the diversity of Wisconsin, the museum building unfolds like a journey, full of surprises and wonder that will inspire visitors’ curiosity and make them peel back layers of understanding as they discover something different each time they come,” said Ennead Architects Design Partner Todd Schliemann FAIA, lead designer on the project.

ennead設計合伙人,密爾沃基公共博物館主創設計師托德·謝里曼(Todd Schliemann)先生指出,“我們非常榮幸能夠擔任密爾沃基公共博物館的建筑設計工作。設計是對密爾沃基民眾身份認同感和社區建設愿景的具象表達,在體現威斯康辛州獨特文化的同時,向公眾展現了其特有的自然景觀和居住環境。誠如威斯康辛州本身的城市多樣性一般,公共博物館的建筑設計為訪客創造了一場夢幻的文化旅程,即,在不斷的探索中遇見驚喜和奇跡;在激發訪客好奇心的同時,為每一次的探訪都創造了與眾不同的經歷,在不斷的抽絲剝繭中領悟對事物的全新理解?!?/p>



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? ennead architects LLP


The team drew inspiration from the ecological histories of Milwaukee and greater Wisconsin. The design of the new museum will be reminiscent of the geological formations contained within Mill Bluff State Park, emblematic of the region’s diversity of landscapes formed by the movements of water through time. The building will be primarily a concrete and glass structure, with an exterior texture that will mirror the ancient sea stacks present in Mill Bluff State Park. The new museum will have rounded corners that evoke the erosion and weathering of the glacial landscapes that shaped much of Wisconsin and evolved over time. The convergence of Milwaukee’s three rivers—the Milwaukee, Kinnickinnic, and Menomonee—inspire the museum’s interior commons, whose three distinct entrances welcome visitors into a dynamic gathering space.

設計團隊從密爾沃基市和威斯康辛州的生態歷史中獲取靈感。新的公共博物館設計是對米爾布拉夫州立公園(Mill Bluff State Park)內地質構造的藝術性陳述,象征著該地區由于水流隨時間推移而形成的多樣化景觀。建筑主體為混凝土和玻璃結構,外部紋理是對米爾布拉夫州立公園的古老海灘歷史肌理的再現。公共博物館的內部公共空間呈現了密爾沃基三條河流——密爾沃基河、金尼金尼河和梅諾莫尼河交匯處的特有景致,并從三個不同入口迎接到訪者,形成了一個充滿活力的集會和公共空間。


米爾布拉夫州立公園 ? 維基百科


“We wanted to create a space that gave the feeling of wonder, like what we experienced throughout our trip around the state, as we saw these exceptional landscapes and met so many different people with stories to tell.



There was much more to see and understand beneath every surface. We thought about this layered experience of discovery when designing the building. We wanted to make a museum that would reveal more with every visit and let people take their own journeys through the space, led by curiosity,” said Ennead Architects Associate Principal Jarrett Pelletier AIA, senior designer on the project.

在每個空間層次中你都能發現更多的理解和驚喜。我們在建筑設計中也充分采用了這種分層式的多階段探索體驗。我們希望能夠建造一座百看不厭的博物館,在每次參觀時都帶給訪客不同的體驗和新奇感,讓人們在好奇心的驅使下,不斷開拓屬于自己的空間旅程?!?nbsp;ennead董事,密爾沃基公共博物館資深建筑師杰瑞特·佩爾蒂埃(Jarett Pelletier)指出。


The new museum will be a five-story, 200,000 square foot structure. The exhibit spaces, which will be designed by Thinc, will include permanent and changing galleries of multi-sensory exhibits.



The first floor will consist of a naturally lit common atrium for guests and the general public to convene, similar to a community center. The fluid layout of the building will enable visitors to preview different exhibit floors and enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at collection spaces, objects, and specimens that have typically been concealed behind closed doors.




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? ennead architects LLP


Located on the corner of Sixth and Vliet Streets, the new museum will include two gardens for visitors to enjoy: one will be located near the entrance to the museum and one on the rooftop, which will house native Milwaukee flora in an effort to reintroduce them into Milwaukee’s urban environment. On the rooftop, there will be permanent exhibits and a butterfly vivarium, a signature exhibit piece.




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? ennead architects LLP


Together with landscape architect GGN, the museum will redefine the Historic Haymarket city edge, bringing a human scale to this part of the urban core and creating a new and beloved civic space, adding to the lexicon of public urban gathering spaces around Milwaukee. Additionally, the museum will house a planetarium, office and lab space, classrooms and flexible space, dining, and collections storage.




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? ennead architects LLP


“Our community has the privilege and opportunity to reimagine what this beloved institution can be and further our mission to inspire curiosity and knowledge of our world’s natural and cultural diversity,” said MPM President and CEO Dr. Ellen Censky. “A new museum building is the only way to ensure the continuity of this institution and the safety of its collections for the enjoyment of future generations.”

“我們有幸擁有了再次構想這座深受民眾喜愛的文化機構的機會,并在這過程中進一步激發了我們對自然世界和文化多樣性的好奇心和探索使命?!惫膊┪镳^館長兼首席執行官艾倫·岑斯基(Ellen Censky)認為,“一座新的博物館建筑是確保和延續機構使命并保護其藏品安全、為下一代提供觀賞并學習藏品和文化知識的唯一途徑?!?/p>



項目地點:Milwaukee, WI, United States


業主單位:Milwaukee Public Museum

設計合伙人:Todd Schliemann

管理合伙人:Don Weinreich

設計團隊:Jarrett Pelletier, Marissa Sweig, Mimoza Gjonbalaj, Nilushka Reiff, Elodie Graham

當地設計院:Kahler Slater








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