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A classy, tasteful, and artistically designed home is the best gift parents can ever give to their children.





“Strength, utility, and beauty” are the three design principles coined by the Roman architect Vitruvius. Today, designers still follow these principles in architecture and interior design.


I am always inspired by Vitruvius’ philosophy whenever I start a new project. It has proved helpful even in private residence projects, which are usually very much tailored. It helps me to collect my thoughts and understand the needs and preferences of the clients. And this is the beginning of an amazing journey in home design.

—— 高志強

Gao Zhiqiang





As an advocate of Spatial Emotion Design (S.E.D), Gao Zhiqiang firmly believes that an interior is meant to form a connection with the people in it, and the key to any design is to create a reasonable way of living. This is particularly true when it comes to interior design. Designers are somehow like magicians, integrating their work into people’s lives in a steady and orderly fashion.






Tailored Design to Create a Sense of Order in Home Space



The apartment is well-structured and has a smooth flow inside it that can gather good fortune, according to Chinese Feng Shui. “The apartment is a large flat with a good foundation,” Gao said. The liveliness of the shared space does not compromise the peace in private spaces, which is a reasonable arrangement.





The northern part of the apartment is centered around the living room by the hallway, the dining room, a piano corner, the kitchen, guest bedrooms, the laundry room, the drying room, and the guest bathrooms.

In the southern part are three bedrooms, a study room, the main bathroom, and the locker rooms. An L-shaped corridor connects these spaces. The main bedroom lies at the turn of the passageway, and further into the corridor are the study room and two daughters' bedrooms.







This is not the original layout of the apartment, however. It is the result of adjustments made by the designer upon his understanding of the family's living habits.


在項目初始,設計師高志強和業主一家相約共同完成了一次旅行,短短幾天的行程卻給了他全方位了解一家人性格、喜好和生活起居習慣的足夠機會?!霸O計家最難的部分是走入業主的內心世界,“ 高志強說,”了解一個人最好的方式可能就是旅行,在一個放松的狀態下,沒有工作的打擾,真實的自我就釋放出來了?!?/p>

Gao Zhiqiang, the designer, and the family members had a trip at the beginning of the project. Their time together allowed Gao to learn about their personalities, preferences, and habits.

“The most difficult part in home design is to truly understand what is on the mind of the clients,” Gao said. “The best way to know people is to travel with them,” he added. “They tend to be their true selves when they feel most relaxed and not bothered by work. A trip may do the trick.”



It came to Gao that the man of the house, a corporate executive, and his wife, a discerning writer, were both well-born. The couple is clear about what they want to pursue and can express it adequately. 

One of the daughters, only five years old, has already developed her taste in beauty. The other one is a newborn, so the couple’s parents would come to help regularly. The original design, especially the bedrooms, has become insufficient.

The designer re-planned to include five bedrooms (one of them can be used as a study) and four bathrooms. This change made it easy for the couple’s parents to have short stays at any time and preserved the privacy each family member used to have. Gao’s work ensures that they get precisely what they need.




Window with A View and Room Immersed in Art




房屋處在四層,在高樓林立的北京也許無法遠眺西山,但反而能夠離周邊的綠樹和植被更近。高志強由此入手,將這一優勢發揮到最大。他把原有的窗戶改為巨大的固定扇和小的開啟扇,房屋外層層疊疊環抱的綠樹、高遠開闊的天空被一覽無余地框進一個個巨大的“取景框”中,從清晨到日暮,怡人光景盡收眼底。而這也恰好契合了空間情緒設計的核心主張 —— 將陽光,空氣,水和植物融入室內。

The apartment sits on the fourth floor of the building. It is not the ideal location to see the mountain views west of Beijing, a city of high rises, but the surrounding vegetation is just close enough to enjoy. Gao took this advantage to an extreme.

He replaced the original windows with a vast fixed floor-to-ceiling window and a regular-sized open window. The lush plants and the distant sky can be seen from the inside to the fullest, and people in the apartment are able to enjoy the natural views all day long. This perfectly embodies the fundamental philosophy in spatial emotion design, which is to bring natural elements such as sunshine, air, water, and plants into the interior.




The main decorations in the apartment were selected from the art collections of the couple. The lady of the house is a writer and has a great passion for contemporary art. The designer chose various pieces to match the features of each space. The abstract painting in one of the bedrooms perfectly echoes the mood in the room and is a great color match to the red sofa and flowers nearby.




The plate decorations on the wall beside the piano are hand-painted The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. The flower paintings in the dining room extend downwards to match the ginkgo leaf shape ceiling lamp nicely. The meteorite installation on the wall along the corridor is a symbol of strength.






It All Comes Down to PEOPLE


Storage is essential to the apartment. The designer hides all the storage spaces behind the wallboards and doors. All people can see are proper decorations and art collections.

Even though the family has two little ones, the apartment is kept tidy and tasteful. The family has a shared space to spend time together, and each family member has a private space where they can be undisturbed.

“A classy, tasteful, and artistically designed home is the best gift parents can ever give a child,” Gao said. “And this is our intention for the project in the first place,” he added.





Apart from the main functional spaces, such as the hallway, the living room, the dining area, and the kitchen, the designer also included a storage room, a laundry room, a drying room, three locker rooms, and two indoor terraces.

It is indeed a big apartment, but the designer still managed to create spaces that surprised the client.





Project Plan




Project Information


項目名稱 | 融澤府

Project Name | Rong Ze Fu

項目地點| 北京

Location | Beijing

項目面積| 300平米

Coverage | 300m2

項目設計| AFFD設計事務所

Agency | AFFD

主案設計| 高志強

Chief Designer | Gao Zhiqiang

設計團隊| 陳浩、李子午、陳偉

Design Team | Chen Hao, Li Ziwu, Chen Wei

燈光顧問| JOJO

Lighting Advisor | JOJO

施工團隊| 王業飛全宅施工管理服務工作室

Construction | Wang Ye Fei Whole House Construction Management Service Studio


Time of Design | Mar. 2022

完工時間| 2022年7月

Time of Completion | Jul. 2022

主要材料|中花白大理石、馬來漆 、豆青色烤漆板、 道格拉斯瓷磚、碳灰色不銹鋼、鏡面不銹鋼

Main Materials | Venato Carrara marble, stucco, pea green paint baked coating board, tiles from Daugres, carbon gray stainless steel, mirror polished stainless steel

家具品牌| Minotti、Cassina、Molteni@C、Flos、 Artemide、Foscarini、Flam

Furniture | Minotti、Cassina、Molteni@C、Flos、 Artemide、Foscarini、Flam

空間攝影 |Boris Shiu

Photographer | Boris Shiu

空間攝影 |史云峰(FUJUE PHOTO)

Photographer | Shi Yunfeng (FUJUE PHOTO)

空間視頻 |肖石明╳Fujuephoto

Video | Xiao Shiming ╳ Fujuephoto



About the designer





Gao Zhiqiang, architect, interior space emotional intervention design researcher, founder of Applied Aesthetics of emotional design, contemporary art appreciation and investment expert, senior planner of exquisite lifestyle and President of National Design Institute.



Mr. Gao graduated from the Academy of fine arts of Tsinghua University and went to Europe for further study. He studied under Mario Bellini, an Italian national treasure architect. He has studied and lived in Europe for many years, and has a deep understanding of European culture and humanistic lifestyle. His observation of exquisite life and unique aesthetic practice experience make him known as the fashion gentleman in the architectural design circle. With his humorous communication character, he can deeply grasp the design demands of consumers and accurately express the design effect through exquisite design skills.



Mr. Gao Zhiqiang put forward the "space emotional design theory" in combination with many years of design practice of architecture and space environment, and jointly carried out interdisciplinary research with psychology, anthropology and economics scholars, and established the discipline system and design application system of "Applied Aesthetics of emotional design", which filled the theoretical gap of architecture and space environment design in China. At present, he is committed to the design and application of "spatial emotional design" in vacation space, commercial space, office space and residential space. Its design works are simple and elegant, with positive effect of emotional experience.






2021年AFFD設計事務所榮獲2021 ITALY IIDA AWARD|TOP10國際影響力設計機構

Founded in Beijing, China by the class-level indoor architect Steve Gao, AFFD Design is a design management company integrating planning and architectural design, ecological landscape design, human interior design, and soft decoration design. Born out of the China Architecture Design Group Zhubang Design Institute, it is composed of architects and engineers with rich practical experience and international perspective. AFFD Design Firm is committed to finding breakthroughs and inspirations in the complex and redundant state of the city, providing design solutions that combine the spirit of the times with the modern oriental temperament, and achieves excellent results in the fields of residences, industrial offices, commercial design, and recreation real estate.



Representative cases include Baidu International Building, CCB Research Institute, Tongrentang, and Kangyang Experience Center, QIONGYOU Network Office, Wang Xiaofei Private Residence, Zhanglan Private Residence and so on. AFFD Design Firm adheres to the concept of design creation value, creates a beautiful lifestyle for customers, builds a design quality living experience and media space, and is committed to providing customers with rigorous professional, modern and efficient all-around system services to achieve social responsibility.




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